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Total Senior Care Observes “Active Aging Week” All Year Round

Stephanie Richards, Physical Therapist (left) playing a pumpkin toss game with Faith (participant at Total Senior Care) in Olean, New York.

Active Aging Week takes place the first week of October this year and is a weeklong campaign initiated by the International Council on Active Aging. The objective of this annual promotion is to encourage people to stay active and live a healthy lifestyle across their lifespan. This campaign also hopes to show people that you can live a full, healthy life at any age.

The importance of Active Aging is far from a new concept at Total Senior Care. The programs offered within this facility are known for promoting health, wellness, and independence. To get a better understanding of how Total Senior Care observes Active Aging Week all year round, Occupational Therapist, Gina Palumbo, MS OTR/L gives detailed insight about one of their activity groups called, “Movin and Groovin.”

“The group we run every week is “Movin and Groovin.” The true purpose of this group is to simply get the participants on their feet. Many older adults are sedentary due to a variety of reasons (pain, muscle weakness, poor endurance). For the same reasons, seniors are at higher risk of falling. Once a senior falls, they are likely to fall again. Falls can lead to a number of things that will negatively impact our participants (hospitalization, fracture, memory loss, decreased ambulation, sometimes death). To address fall prevention in the simplest manner, we get participants off their bottom and exercising through games. With playing a simple ring toss game the participants work on endurance, range of motion, balance and strengthening. Additionally, we have found that participating in regular physical activity through games and competition has increased social participation and confidence, along with practicing strategies and utilizing problem solving techniques. Ultimately, we want our participants to stay in their homes, safely. To do so, many things needs to be in place; but one of the most important is maintaining strength, endurance and reducing risk of fall.”

You can learn more about the programs offered at Total Senior Care by visiting their website:, or by calling (716) 379-8474 and scheduling a free tour.

Community Care of Western New York, Inc. is a parent organization of Total Senior Care and HomeCare & Hospice. Total Senior Care is a non-profit organization offering comprehensive managed long-term care for adults, 55 years old or older, who wish to live at home but need assistance in order to maintain health, complete day-to-day activities, and remain safe at home for as long as possible. Total Senior Care services are available at Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties. These institutions are an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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